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© 2019 by Chorus Partners Consultancy Ltd

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Everything we aim to do is built on a commitment to ethical, transparent, service excellence.

Our Strategy - to outperform by delivering:



Making sure expertise and service excellence are inseparable parts of everything we do.



Open, transparent and competitive fee structure. All our work is underpinned by a value for money commitment.



Operating in a way that builds trust with the companies and people we work with and a positive legacy in our community.


Deliver a service and expertise beyond expectations


  • People & Companies find it easy and rewarding working with us

  • Our expertise and advice is sought and valued

  • We always deliver on time and on budget

Value for Money


  • Competitively priced for the value we deliver

  • Transparent charging

  • Support our clients whatever their budget

A Shared Value Approach


  • Profit and Purpose - grow our business and support our community

  • Respect the environment and locations we operate in

  • Pay it Forward

Assessing how we did - KPIs 2011-15

  • Feedback ratings

  • % repeat business (90+%)

  • Shortlist vs Offer rate

  • Referral numbers (yr on yr)

  • Client feedback

  • Work lost based on price

  • Value creation analysis

  • Referrals

  • Pro Bono work completed

  • Community initiatives 

  • Environmental impact

  • Internal reviews

Assessing future performance - KPIs 2015-19

  • Service Improvement Metrics

  • Diversity Benchmarks

  • Referral rates

  • Expertise requests

  • Feedback ratings

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Financial metrics

  • Completion on time %

  • Chorus Partners Foundation

  • UK wide Pro Bono work

  • Environmental metrics

  • Internal ratings/ comments