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It's a fairly common  scenario - someone new to interim management has lots of great experience and can point to a successful track record. Often at some point human nature kicks in and instead of 'telling and showing' you're going to need to persuade the person on the...

In most cases P.E backed companies will outperform their quoted company peers in terms of value creation, right?

As investors increasingly look beyond the simplistic measures P.E firms usually use to highlight their value creation ( ie changes in annual operating cashfl...

Think of all the acreage devoted to it in most Plc annual reports, the millions of words spoken about it at various conferences around the world and you'd think that ethical behaviour and metrics were embedded in every FTSE business.

Not so according to a study by the C...

Experience questions and case studies are the major part of most interview scenarios as we all know. The elite consulting firms are famous for some of the questions they ask their new staff and looking at a recent  Business Insider article which highlighted some of the...

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